Welcome to lovelonga…

lovelonga is a new health and fitness movement using codes to signify personal goals for health and fitness.
Your code is 5-characters which you set to load any custom text, image, link, or point to anything (on the web) that represents your mission in life. 
In short, you can link to, or directly type your commitment. When anyone looks-up your code they will see whatever you set, be it e.g:
  •  -  a sentence, statement, phrase or song lyric
  •  -  a web page
  •  -  a photograph (of you or anything)
  •  -  your social media profile
  •  -  a video etc.
To use the code generator app click on 'My Code' above - the app will generate a unique code for you and email you a link.

Click here to generate your code and set your goal.


So why 'lovelonga' and what does it mean?
'longa' - (Music) - a sustained musical note, appearing primarily in Early music.
'love' - (Verb) - you know what this means :-)

Amid the distraction, complexity and responsibilities of life, deep down, you know some simple facts:

It is great and very special to be alive.
Someday your life will end.
Health and love are almost everything.
This life and this world is all you will ever have.
We forget, resent, ignore or deny these things.
lovelonga represents the realisation that life is for living and loving, not just existing.
...that long lives full of health, fun and learning are good things
...that many don't or can't have opportunity and should be helped
...that most people always won't get it, so leave them off.

To lovelonga means to live intentionally; taking responsibility for your physical and mental health; fitness, diet and well being. It also means being honest and interested in life and learning. When you wear the lovelonga symbol you stand for these things - in truth you have to stand for these things to wear it.

The lovelonga shop currently stocks ethically-sourced Tee-shirts for Gents, Ladies and Kids - and soon, with your help; active-wear for running, hiking, cycling, swimming etc. :-D

lovelonga Tees are made from organic materials in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory in India and printed by our partners Rapanui on the Isle of Wight.

OK cool, so what’s next?

Click the button to get your code and set your look-up URL

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