Encode and Represent...

lovelonga is a personal goal-setting app based on research into motivation and self-development that helps people represent and stay true to fitness, health and life goals.
You identify your personal motivation, often called your purpose, which you then encode as a personal key, decodable in turn to whatever you set, or you can make it secret.
What you encode is up to you. Examples are; fitness goals, affirmations, target weight/BMI, tribute/dedication, a quote/lyric or a link to a profile, stats page or an image/photo... whatever will represent and motivate you in your mission.

Why it works…

We all regularly resolve to improve our diet, lose weight and/or get more exercise - but despite starting out with good intentions we lapse back into our old habits. This is because it's easy to start a behaviour, but hard to adopt it. We are creatures of habit; so lifestyle change requires honest intervention and the adoption of new behaviours.

Simply put, it's not quitting that works; it's switching. Behaviour change means new behaviour; otherwise force of habit wins again and again... until failing itself becomes the habit.

An obvious example of this is the hugely commercialised activity called 'dieting' - where the trying just never stops. As an old master once said; do or do not... there is no try. Dieting is both demoralising and ineffective; unless you train yourself into new habits, you will always lapse.

lovelonga is a new social fitness start-up with off/online integration based on research from psychology and sport. Among the most effective real-world motivational tools are goal-setting and social validation - that's why you increase your effort when in the gym, with peers or in competition. Committing is good, declaring your commitment is better - it's not something your lazy inner voice (we all have it) wants you to do. Social validation and goal setting, even to yourself, help you stick to your mission by keeping you upfront and unequivocal in your intent.

To set your content and create your gear click 'Encode' in the menu above. When anyone decodes it they will see what you set - nothing else about you. It can be specific or general but must be crystal clear to you; your code is not for breaking.

open key

Encode your content as an open key; can be shared and decoded openly. GO 

secret key

Encode your content as a secret key; can be shared but not decoded so only you know. GO 

text key

Plain readable text up to 160 characters.  GO 

The challenge... to live intentionally; taking responsibility for your physical and mental health; fitness, diet... being honest and interested in life and learning - when you wear your code you stand for these things.
The lovelonga shop stocks organic cotton gear for Gents, Ladies and Kids made in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory - and soon, more gear for running, hiking, cycling, swimming etc. :-D

Ready yet?

"A musical note is a beautiful thing... and then it ends. So strike a most beautiful note... and sustain it 'til it bends..."

* 'longa' - (Music) - a very long musical note, appearing primarily in Early music.

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